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Boston Bordeaux


Our family at Boston Bordeaux are dedicated

to upholding the integrity, health and promoting the
proper care and well being of our beloved dogues. We take the utmost pride in the quality of our dogues and strive to maintain optimal canine health, and if possible improve upon the
magnificent Bordeaux breed. Our dogues lineage is extensively researched and documented to ensure strong bloodlines with enough genetic diversity to produce puppies that are healthy,
highly intelligent, mentally stable and well suited for

family or work life.

The dog comes first at Boston Bordeaux. We believe that raising highly intelligent and social Bordeaux pups begins with an enriched environment rather than warehousing them in kennels.
We maintain our dogs in a manner that respects their needs

and their right to live a fulfilling life in a family run facility approximately 35 miles south of Boston.


Our pups are born and raised alongside our 3 children to ensure proper socialization and family integration, and they all receive top notch veterinary care from birth including vaccinations and are wormed prior to placement. Boston Bordeaux believes in informed and responsible dog ownership and will uphold that belief through breeder support and Veterinary Certified documentation.

We view our Dogues as family companions (as well as working animals)and will work with prospective owners in order to ensure that applicants can provide suitable environments for this
incredibly intelligent, loyal, protective and true companion. It is our responsibility as owners and breeders to advocate for the health

and well-being of our dogs and we expect the same level

of commitment from potential owners.

Boston Bordeaux
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